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Another set of exploratory photograms and this is what came out of it. Meadow of Shadows, is what a friend likes to call it. I think the title is quite appropriate keeping in mind what I was trying to do while I was creating it. I hope she hangs it up on her wall soon.


Kiss Kiss Stab Stab is what I like to call this Knave of Hearts playing card which was designed for Cocaine‘s 54 Project. The artwork is my combined take on Alice in Wonderland‘s Knave and  Gustav Klimt‘s, The Kiss. It is a collage of analogue photograms created using darkroom processes on photo-sensitive paper.

Above is a photograph of the work in progress b/w photograms. Check out cards by other artists, here.

So, Piggy (myself) and The Brain presented Lomography at Open Show Bangalore yesterday. Yes, for the first time in a public forum. The show was great with some really talented people exchanging some very interesting projects on visual arts in general. In the middle of all of this, we, the Lomographers and our funky Lomography cameras created quite a buzz, I must say. Here’s a poster that I did for the show.

And that’s us presenting at the show. See more of Piggy and The Brain’s collaborative works, here. And more of our Lomography works at our Lomo homes, Nishi Chauhan and Sahil Karkhanis respectively.