This is a project that I have been at for more than a year now. As the name suggests, the project is aimed at the numerous doodles that I create. It began as a daily doodle activity that I would share with my friends over Facebook, but seeing the overwhelming response of people towards my little pieces of fun, I decided to take it forward. My doodle blog, especially dedicated to the whole body of work, is first in the scheme of other things that are going to unfold as a part of this project.

Bruxism, one of the doodles, got published by ArtMalaysia magazine in their December 2010 issue. Another Malaysian tabloid called KOSMO published the same doodle as a part of Project Raksasa Doodles conducted by Squeak Art Asia. Here’s the online article by KOSMO and the blog post by Squeak Art Asia. Also, some of my other works that were featured by  them.