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The oh-so-overwhelming Indian weddings! If you have been to one you know what I am talking about. It’s a crazy and hectic but an equally fun affair. So, when asked to create something for a couple who were on the verge of completing ten years of married life, I thought what would be better than saying ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ and refreshing their memories of all the little things that make an Indian wedding. Moments later I had the band, glitter, mehendi, flowers, paisleys, peacocks and all other motifs that are so integral to Indian weddings, pouring on this sheet of paper. They seem to love it.


So, Piggy (myself) and The Brain presented Lomography at Open Show Bangalore yesterday. Yes, for the first time in a public forum. The show was great with some really talented people exchanging some very interesting projects on visual arts in general. In the middle of all of this, we, the Lomographers and our funky Lomography cameras created quite a buzz, I must say. Here’s a poster that I did for the show.

And that’s us presenting at the show. See more of Piggy and The Brain’s collaborative works, here. And more of our Lomography works at our Lomo homes, Nishi Chauhan and Sahil Karkhanis respectively.

This here is a poster that I designed and created for a friend who was recently going to embark upon a new and joyful journey in his life. He is someone who is always brimming with life and passion and someone who carves out his own ways in pretty much everything he does. I think the poster does justice to him and his patterns. Do visit his blog.

A poster that I recently designed for the Art of Bicycle Trips. This one is a part of the promotional campaign for their Victorian Bangalore Safari. Biking around the Garden City, what fun!